Scrutinizing the evidence for breast
cancer procedures and treatments

Iodine Investigation
Project participants using
the ATP CoFactors  
Formula report they are
absorbing iodine faster.

Optimox now
manufacturers ATP
Cofactors which seems to
be helping some people
who were not absorbing
iodine efficiently.

• Combination of Vitamins
B2 and B3 in sustained-
release form
• Improves ATP (cell
energy) production
• Enhances transport and
liberation of iodine in
target tissues
• May help improve
muscle soreness
associated with
fibromyalgia, when used
with Iodoral.

  • DETOX bromide
    with salt water

  • HEAL damaged
    iodine absorption
    mechanism with anti-

  • FEED tissues with
    iodine and
    companion nutrients.
Breast Cancer Choices'
3 Part Iodine Strategy
Breast Cancer ChoicesTM

Suggested by the
moderators of the online
iodine groups:

1/2 teaspoon unprocessed
sea salt has been added
to the Iodine Protocol by
Yahoo Iodine Group with
consensus of Breast
Cancer Choices.
We agree that the
properties of salt for
adrenal support and
general detox are
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Iodine supplementation
requires a systematic
approach. Do not try this
without reading the Iodine
books by David
Brownstein, MD, and The
Iodine Crisis Lynne Farrow.

The details of iodine detox
strategies are laid out,
including the "pulse dosing"
technique discovered by
the Breast Cancer Choices
Iodine Investigation Project,
now the Gold Standard
among Iodine
Literate Practitioners.
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