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    Iodine: Exploring The Perfect Storm Theory of Breast

    This 50 minute Powerpoint presentation tells the story of how iodine was
    removed from our food at the same time bromide was added to fire
    retardants, foods and medicines, creating a "perfect storm" set-up for breast
    disease and breast cancer.

    Breast cancer rates escalated from 1 in 20 to 1 in 7 over the last 30 years. Can
    restoring iodine to our diet reverse this incidence?  See documentation of
    the historical use of iodine for the breasts as well as dramatic evidence from
    current patients using iodine to reverse breast disease.

    For more information on Iodine: The Perfect Storm Theory of Breast Cancer
    presentation or the Iodine: 15,000 Years of Lost Medicine presentation, please
    visit lynnefarrow.net.

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