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Healing Strategies


    The editors at Breast Cancer Choices have spent a combined
    40 years investigating  healing strategies for breast cancer,
    by researching the evidenced-based literature, interviewing
    scientists and physicians as well as working one on one with
    breast cancer patients to explore what they find effective.
    The Healing Strategies Pages reflect our findings.
                The Subtraction Strategy   

    Detox strategies are much more targeted  than "living a clean life"
    for its own sake. Before adding any "positives" such as
    supplements, consider how you can subtract the "negatives,"  the
    toxic elements from your breast, body, diet and house.   Detoxing
    can dramatically alter the way your cells and organs function.  

  • Clean up the breasts. New research points to the role of iodine in
    "detoxing" sick breasts. The precise mechanism of action is not
    known but the positive results of iodine therapy in fibrocystic
    breasts (often a precursor to breast cancer) suggests that iodine
    may become an adjuvant therapy for breast cancer in the future. See
    our Iodine page.

  • Clean up the body. This strategy is geared to reduce your toxic load
    so your liver, colon, kidneys and skin have an easier job fighting
    cancer. Detoxing the major organs helps fluids and toxins from
    getting recycled into other tissues such as the breasts. Nobody can
    do everything listed to clean up but avoiding what toxins you can,
    one thing at a time, may make a big difference. Consider Body Detox.

  • Clean up your water supply and household products. It is pointless
    to spend money adding supplements if you don't subtract toxins
    from your daily life. Click on  House Detox to see how to remove
    known toxins from your home and workplace.


                               The Addition Strategy

  • Add evidence-based supplements. Also make sure you are taking
    the purest brands in the dosage recommended. A supplement
    containing propylene glycol as an additive may be worse than
    nothing. All the supplements on this link have been fact-checked
    and documented with the most authoritative and up to date
    information. Click on the list of Supplement Strategies

  • Add the most nutrient-dense, medicinal foods which have a
    demonstrated scientific action. See Medicinal Foods

  • Consider adding a support group. Support communities vary from
    impersonal Internet bulletin boards, to by-the-book physician-
    moderated, to caring, intimate groups who may phone and visit each
    other. If one doesn't suit your personal style, please try another.
    Support groups have been proven to improve the quality of most
    patients' experience in both a medical and emotional sense.  
    Consider Breast Cancer Choices' Email Discussion Group
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